Invaryant’s Data Engine 2.0

A patented technology for acquiring and delivering patient information when and where it is needed.

What is Invaryant’s Data Engine?

  • Dramatic savings in connectivity costs
  • Cross-industry connectivity
  • Coexist with and expand existing connections
  • Connect to RWD in real time
  • Surface data when and where you need it

Safety programs: REMS, Limited Distribution, & Black Boxed

  • Real-time ETASU alerting where and when needed
  • Leverage real-time data to meet your post-market monitoring needs
  • Skip the expensive and error-prone pharmacy switch

What else can Invaryant’s data engine do for you?

Clinical Trials

  • Decentralized remote testing
  • Decentralized remote monitoring
  • Integrated edit checks and data cleansing
  • Recruit private physicians to your trial
  • Quickly find better-diagnosed, willing trial participants


  • Minimal trial set-up costs
  • Seamless integration with CTMS & EDC systems
  • License Invaryant and develop tailored solutions for clients
  • Promote in-home care & monitoring
  • Leverage your skills as domain experts (let Invaryant handle software design and development)

Learn more about Invaryant’s Data Engine and what it can do for you and your team.