defeating COVID-19 with data

COVID-19 is only one of many

Invaryant is a Roswell, GA health software company contributing to solving the COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 is not the first virus to threaten us, and it will not be the last.  As our scientific community works to find solutions for treating and preventing this novel disease, surfacing evidence-based efforts is vital.

We like to think we are up on the current technologies and we have not seen anything like this.

— VP Global Risk Manager – Fortune 200 Life Science Company

Any solution-focused endeavors must be implemented without slowing down physicians and researchers on the frontlines who are testing potential treatments, such as off-label prescribing. A significant downside to testing for treatments and preventative measures in this informal, disparate manner is that it makes scientifically tracking effectiveness difficult, if not impossible.

The Future of Clinical Trials

Invaryant connects patients, families, and their physician care teams to one another, keeping vital health data in one place and accessible to any family member, care team member, or researcher, with the patient’s consent. With this information made available to researchers and scientists, thousands of cases can be reviewed to help find cures and preventive therapies, making Invaryant the most effective conduit for running an observational study. This can be done without having to initiate huge, costly clinical trials, which can take months to set up and require years to accumulate the necessary data.

Invaryant Real-World Data

Unlike traditional approaches, which use static information (such as that from claims and existing datasets), Invaryant automatically sources data directly from medical records and other real-time data sources, thereby providing actionable, real-time solutions. Invaryant’s solution surfaces a linear view of each patient’s life, including medical records, activity (via wearables), and a continuous stream of patient-reported outcomes through sponsor- and physician-curated surveys.

Dynamic Real-World Data/Real-World Evidence (RWD/RWE)

Invaryant enables researchers to create safer, more effective treatments by incorporating dynamic data with real-time event reports about changes to diagnoses, conditions, and medications; adverse-event reporting; and survey feedback.

Clinical researchers can connect—in real time—with patients and product users to gain access to real-world data provided by patients and their care teams. Inara, the Invaryant BOT framework, supports post-market activities, including REMS, black box warnings, product adherence, technical-complaint reporting, and suspicious-order monitoring.

What Can Invaryant’s RWD Do for You?


Incorporating dynamic data captured from patients in daily life via health devices and surveys helps proactively identify events in order to create safer, more effective treatments.

Pandemic Prediction

Monitor active, real-world data and utilize Invaryant’s “self-organizing feature maps” to track both real-time and predicted trends and events.

New Drug Uses

Conduct spontaneous, pragmatic studies by leveraging physician and patient data pertaining to off-label product use. Analysis of this data facilitates discovery of effective, novel therapies for specific patient populations and conditions.

Defeating COVID

Invaryant has the tracking tools in place to identify safe and effective ways to treat patients while, at the same time, starting the work of preventing any future pandemics. At this time, we are covering the cost of setup and integration so that physicians and researchers can identify treatment and prevention methods quickly and safely.

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