Expand Your Practice’s Revenue Streams.
Pay Nothing.

INyrtia is a patient-centric data platform for healthcare providers that enables personalized care, seamless coordinated care teams, and improved patient experience by interfacing with our universal Personal Health Record and all the major EMRs within the U.S.

Complete health records

Instant access to complete patient health records regardless of EMR system.

Virtual front desk

Patients complete paperwork and verify insurance in advance using HIPAA compliant e-signatures.


Auto-scheduler allows patients to schedule & re-schedule through the INvaryant app and sends you alerts.

Coordinated care

Direct message patients, do video consults, and bill for multiple provider consults.

Quick check-in with secure pin

The platform uses a secure PIN to verify patient identity, insurance, and medical record.

Patient symptom summary

See real-time patient symptoms or view a summary of their symptom-checker results.

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Top 3 ways INyrtia benefits your practice:

Enhances Patient Experience in the front office;

because forms, insurance, records, and scheduling are handled by the user via the INvaryant app before their scheduled appointment.

Achieve Your MIPS Goals Automatically

with INyrtia’s interoperability and performance reporting capabilities which help reduce your revenue risk.

Reduces Front Office Calls and Faxes to verify

insurance and request records; and the patient’s full record, insurance, and identity are verified using a secure PIN at check-in.

Find the VALUE in
Value-Based Care

Value-based care is reimbursement that ties payments to the quality of care provided. It rewards providers for both efficiency and effectiveness.


  • See patient’s entire health history
  • Improve patient experience by coordinating their care team using cross-provider records and consults
  • Track patient adherence to their care plan with insight into fulfilled scripts, fitness routines, and health habits

Let me be clear, we will not achieve value-based care until we put the patient at the center of our healthcare system.


CMS Administrator

I believe every American should have a single unified health record system that’s in the cloud and is under the full control of the patient.


Head of Healthcare Technology Reform

How INyrtia expands your revenue streams

Bill for Coordinated Care: Expand Patient Base

to rural and urban areas in need by participating as a coordinated care provider.

Improved Efficiency & Effectiveness ratings

for optimal reimbursements from value-based care.

Easily Expand Care-Delivery Methods

into concierge care and telemedicine.


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