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In order to remain competitive, life science organizations must align with their most important stakeholder: the patient.

Invaryant’s patient-centric platform consolidates dynamic health and wellness data from a variety of sources through the Invaryant patient app into a single, normalized data structure.

Invaryant supports existing tools for clinical trials and post-market surveillance through the integration of patient-consented Real World Data (RWD), thereby offering a research solution that provides real-time information about patients and post-market consumers.

Dynamic Real World Data

Harness normalized patient data from real-world sources and add new dimensions to clinical research.

Patient Management

Experience a transparent, patient-centric solution with real-time alerts and notifications that syncs clinicians and researchers.

Cross-industry Cooperation

Make safer, more effective products based on seamless participant data from healthcare and consumer product industries.

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Dynamic Data

the necessary addition
Invaryant offers a frictionless mechanism to passively acquire and harness real-life, dynamic data from patients’ daily lives (i.e., personal devices, events, and surveys). Many past and current methods, such as patient diaries, rarely provide reliable, actionable data. By integrating patient-acquired data and participation, clinical researchers can now proactively respond to events and create safer and more effective products.

RCTs often struggle to recruit patients for control groups. This [Real World Data] may reduce the time it takes to conduct trials, potentially allowing effective treatments to reach patients quicker.

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Human + Machine

amplified intelligence

Paired with human knowledge and intuition, the power of our AI, along with the Invaryant BOT framework, Inara, provides support for all stages of research including clinical trials, regulatory practices, and quality measures. This completely agnostic network automatically captures trends in real time and applies learnings to predictive insights for future inputs.


for REMS

Invaryant enriches Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) with dynamic real-world data sourced directly from patients, including medical records, wellness and device data, and surveys. Easily track adherence and compliance of patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacies within an interactive dashboard that allows you to view aggregated data or deep dive into patient cohorts and trends.

Invaryant offers all-encompassing solutions that can be fully modified to fit your team’s needs.


Simplified. Complete.

  • Seamless enrollment with built-in education & certification
  • Redirection of novel prescribers & patients to the enrollment process
  • Constant status checks w/ reminders


Multi-sourced. Normalized.

  • Coordination and communication with internal departments, as well as external prescribers, pharmacies, and patients
  • Dynamic medical records and updates
  • The ability to utilize real-world evidence

Adherence & Monitoring

Track. Analyze. Report.

  • BOT-guided AE/SAE reports that are distributed to appropriate recipients
  • Patient reminders and surveys that monitor adherence
  • Aggregated data surfaced to dashboard for analytics and reports​

Analytics & Reporting

Consolidated. Accessible.

  • Constant data stream from patients, prescribers, and pharmacies
  • The surfacing and aggregation of all data to Invaryant
  • Quick stats and interactive graphs for safe use, adherence, populations, etc.

Data: It’s What We Do

Invaryant is data agnostic, accepting both retrospective and prospective data from a wide variety of sources. While retrospective and prospective data are incredibly valuable in science, they are limited in preventing cross-industry errors.

Dynamic data, which has been unattainable in clinical trials, is now sourced and surfaced in real time through out patented technology. This prevents errors, which often occur when a participant is under the care of both a principle investigator and a primary care physician.

As the health data ecosystem evolves, promoting harmonized standards and interoperability across datasets could enable health data to be used more effectively and efficiently.

Discover a few ways to integrate with Invaryant

Post-Market Tools

The constant flow of real-time, real-world data from patients who use your products enables seamless monitoring and reporting.


Recruiting and Retention

Launch trials faster, minimize the impact of attrition, and conduct observational studies by leveraging our pool of medically vetted patients.

Customizable Cohorts

Data bricks from our normalized, auto-cohorted data lake can be utilized for anything from observational studies to competitive intelligence.

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