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Over 50% of healthcare systems that have adopted telehealth services have no connection between their EMR & telehealth platforms.

INvaryant Health Platform augments telehealth solutions to include full patient medical records, including records from internal and external providers. INvaryant provides multiple methods to ensure providers have the full picture of any given patient, prior to starting a telehealth session, to make time with patients more focused, safe, and efficient.

Telehealth involves the provision of health-related services via electronic means. Currently, telehealth provides state-of-the-art, secure video and audio and a host of powerful capabilities to deliver care anywhere in the digital ecosystem. However, recent surveys have found that over 50% of telehealth solutions have no connection to the patient’s current electronic health record. While some solutions are part of an EMR, the ongoing issues of interoperability affect the care of patients as neither in-person nor remote providers have a full picture of the patient’s health.

As sources of data continue to expand via IoT, IoHT, wearables, multiomics, and other sources, it is crucial that telehealth solutions partner with INvaryant to make the whole patient record available to provider networks.

Let’s Partner to Make Patients Safer

INvaryant welcomes all telehealth developers as partners to explore the benefits of an always-on (24/7) medical and health record environment, available to any provider, anywhere. Access to complete medical records and the INvaryant BOT system – Inara – will boost the usability, safety and efficiency of your telehealth platform. 

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How Does It Work?

INvaryant Health Platform augments telehealth solutions through patented technology called Mesh-CMX to seamlessly move data from multiple sources and to make those data available in a number of different formats, making complete patient records possible anywhere, anytime, in any format. Mesh-CMX (or our comprehensive set of APIs) can be adapted to your data requirements to access the patient’s medical record (with their permission) during telehealth sessions. 

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