invaryant features

connect with your doctor portals

Get all your medical records – from all your doctors – in one place.

sync your records automatically

Save logins for your patient portals. INvaryant will add future records automatically.

securely link your invaryant accounts

Share your health records with your significant other, relatives, and dependents.

manage your child's health needs

Know what and when to expect at your child’s appointments with tools specific to children’s health.

monitor health stats

Track basic health stats including blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, and more visually over time.

share medical records directly with your doctors

Share your medical records with your doctors through the INvaryant HIPAA compliant platform.

it only takes five minutes to own your health records

create an account


connect doctors


own your health records


INvaryant puts you in charge of all of your medical and health information and makes it easy to access it all in one place. You decide what information – if any – to share with your doctor or family members, when you share it, and how you share it. We make your privacy effortless by turning all share options off by default when you set up your account. (Any sharing at any time must be enabled and approved by you every time.)

We promise we’ll never sell your personal information to anyone, ever. We know your privacy and security is everything; which is why we handle your data with more care than the Ark of the Covenant at the end of Indiana Jones.

INvaryant is hosted in Azure’s HIPAA-compliant cloud, making sure your health data always stays secure and up-to-date. On top of that, our private blockchain encrypts your health data at all times, even when it’s on its way to your doctor or a family member. Here’s how our patented security solution works:

SCRUBS personal identifying information, like your name and date of birth, off your health records.

SHREDS your records, like you shred those credit card applications, into decontextualized data fragments that are meaningless by themselves.

PACKAGES each data fragment, puts it in a box, puts that box in another box, and ships each shred of data to a separate data center in our HIPAA-certified network across the country.

ASSEMBLES the data when you need it, because only INvaryant knows how to piece the data back together into the whole health record you see in your account.

“I was struggling to receive a definitive diagnosis for concerning symptoms I was experiencing and visited multiple doctors, who all offered differing opinions.

During this stressful time, I was able to keep all of my medical records in one place with INvaryant, which made communicating with various specialists much easier.”


“My doctors are finally able to easily see my full medical history and make accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions.”


“Living with multiple chronic illnesses, INvaryant is a hugely helpful tool for both me and my doctors to keep track of my health.”


“I usually just go to the closest urgent care center whenever my daughter needs medical care. INvaryant helps keep all of her health information in one place, making it easier for me and her doctors.”


“I love being able to watch [my grandson] grow from halfway across the country. Invaryant’s child growth tracker makes me feel like I’m closer to him.”


Secure your future with a complete health record that lasts a lifetime.

Everyone is a patient at some point, and getting access to your medical records takes time, effort, and money. INvaryant’s complete health record lasts a lifetime and travels with you between doctors, insurance providers, or across the country. Even when you’re healthy, you may have growing kids who need checkups and vaccines or aging parents who need help managing their healthcare.

Sign up for your free INvaryant account today to secure your and your family’s healthiest future.