Patient-centric by putting patient health data first.

Surpassing security requirements every step of the way

At Invaryant, we’re passionate about patient care and the privacy that should come with it. Our platform was designed to not only meet, but also surpass, the requirements of HITRUST security standards – a risk and compliance-based framework designed to keep everyone safe.

Invaryant’s patented technology uses a combination of intelligent tools and techniques that put patient privacy first. By breaking down our data into small elements and randomly storing it across six advanced data centers, we’re able to decontextualize your information for optimum security.

We’re committed to our privacy promise

Our privacy pledge is simple: We’ll never share anything you’re not comfortable with. When you register for a clinical trial through Invaryant, you’ll receive access to an opt-in service that puts you in control of your data. You’ll remain anonymous unless you’re eligible for the trial, and even then, your data will only be shared with your consent.

Our commitment to privacy is extensive, taken to new levels by innovative technology that empowers us to keep you safe. When you sign up with Invaryant, you’ll get full disclosure on exactly how we will (and won’t) use your data. Patient safety is our priority, and being open and honest about our data helps us put you first.

Sharing life-saving data without compromising your security

Invaryant exists to keep you safe, all while revolutionizing the way we approach health care. Clinical trials can be transformative, especially when they grant access to new and intelligent forms of specialized care. We empower our clients to harness these options without compromising their data, accessing potentially life-saving treatment options. By keeping physicians in the loop when necessary and making them aware of any changes to your health record, we’re able to put patient care at the top of our priority list.

We believe your medical record is the most personal thing there is, and it shouldn’t be seen as a product to be exploited. Trust us to put data security and patient privacy first, and enjoy complete peace of mind, every time.