Interoperability: Not a Business Venture, but a Human Right
Written by Dr. Steve Eisenberg

Chief Precision Medicine Officer @ Invaryant


The cure for fragmentation is even more fragmented. This past week, yet another, inauguration technology conference took place. Although these conferences are somewhat different, they have the commonality of startups, technology, and investors. They also have the common lack of practicing physicians. A lot of what I see and hear about in the technology start up world would be better served by having more physician input. Technology is creating more silos than the ones that already exist. One company, or many for that matter, per problem.

All of this would come together and benefit all players involved if healthcare had a modern day patient-centric healthcare record. It would store their genome, their fitness trackers, their sleep patterns and whatever new technology has to offer. It would store their healthcare information so everything is in one place to coordinate care; and guess what? The providers would become more engaged. They would make an effort to understand this technology because it is what’s needed to improve patient care. At INvaryant, we are so confident that this is what is needed, that we are giving our basic interoperability platform to patients for free. It is time we all start working together for the benefit of everyone involved.