Meet the team behind the INvaryant movement

our story

Years ago, a member of our team suffered a family loss due to medical error. Since then, we’ve heard so many other stories like it because it’s not a new story. The healthcare industry is broken, and it’s only going to get worse. So we’ve made it our mission to being and raising the world’s healthiest generations. As a team, we resolved to find a way to end preventable medical errors, to protect our families and yours.

So, our purpose was born: save 333 lives from preventable medical errors every day, over 121k lives every year.

We puzzled over why healthcare experiences are getting more and more fragmented: it’s not really a medical problem so much as an engineering problem. If the patient is the one constant at every appointment, the solution is to give all the health data to patients. We built INvaryant, a platform for empowering patients, to do just that. Our tool is the first step we’re taking together to build a healthcare system that’s safer, more convenient, and takes into account all aspects of our health.

a little bit about us

We’re engineers, patients, mathematicians, health nuts, doctors, programmers, and creatives coming together to do something about a broken healthcare industry. We’re champions for personalized care plans, consumer-driven healthcare, freedom over our providers, and total ownership of our health.


Our Passion Projects:

Women's Health

Our team’s efforts focus on improving women’s access to health tools, nutrition, better healthcare, education, and social services.

Healthy Generations

Being and raising the world’s healthiest generations starts with a lifelong health record, full family histories, and new genomics data.

Medical Errors

To end preventable medical errors, we’re equipping patients and doctors with the right health data when and where they need it.

Ramon Dempers


With an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for start-ups, Ramon founded INvaryant on the heels of a family tragedy caused by a medical error. This race car lover keeps us all on our toes with his innovative ideas.

Tim Ray

Program Manager

We all need someone to keep us in check, and for the team at INvaryant, that someone is Tim, our illimitable project manager. When not tending to the INvaryant flock, he enjoys classic cars, travel, and the occasional iced caramel macchiato.

Bethany Talmadge

Clinical Affairs Manager

Bethany, our resident foodie loves that INvaryant brings out her inner Ravenclaw by challenging her mind every day. This true Atlantan can be found exploring the city, reading, and re-charging in her spare time.

Caitlin Hussey

Digital Marketing Specialist

Caitlin is a born creative and lends her artistry to the INvaryant brand. When not churning out fresh ideas and graphics, Caitlin enjoys getting lost in post-apocalyptic fiction, dabbling in interior design, and Netflix binges with her cats.

Sarah McGaughey

Quality Manager

Meet Sarah, our fierce Quality Manager. She loves being a part of the INvaryant team because she gets to learn something new every day. In her spare time, she and her mutt Eddie enjoy exploring hiking trails around metro Atlanta.

Sam Crovatt

Technical Design Manager

Write it, build it, craft it, bake it. A bit like Hermione Granger, Sam is always learning and applying new skills in and out of office, but never without her own creative flourish.

want to become part of the team?

We’re a team of innovators with a single focus: transform healthcare in the style of Uber, Netflix®, and AirBnB® to help people live healthier, happier lives. Our defining characteristic is our passion; we believe in what we’re doing because what we’re doing is going to create positive change in the world. We’re always looking for creative and collaborative colleagues to share our passion for creating a healthier world for future generations. Leave us your resume and contact information in the form below, and let us know why your passion is driving you to join our team.