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What is INvaryant?


Your whole health story, including your medical records, fitness, nutrition, and genealogy, in one platform.

What is INyrtia?

INyrtia is cloud-based technology that facilitates interoperability & security between the the patient’s INvaryant and the physician’s EMR system. INyrtia provides healthcare practitioners with unprecedented views into their patients’ health.

What is the best way to gather my past medical records?

For many of us who have seen a number of doctors and specialists over our lifetimes, collecting past records will be a time-consuming task. If it’s been more than 10 years, the records will likely have been destroyed. Essentially, you must directly contact all of the family doctors and other providers you have seen and request your records as a CCR.

In addition to gathering your past medical records, you can begin to request your current records at every future visit to a healthcare provider. You can take a thumb drive and ask that they be copied to the drive. Having your records electronically will make it much easier to upload your records into your INvaryant.

Is my information secure?
YES! Your information is stored securely in the cloud, hosted on Microsoft’s HIPAA-compliant enterprise platform Azure. In addition, your information is protected with INvaryant’s patented security solution. Your data is never stored on your mobile device, nor is it synchronized using the cellular networks.
Who sees my personal information?
YOU control who sees your information. YOU decide which parts of your record are shared. We will NEVER share your information with anyone without your consent.
Does everyone in my family need their own INvaryant?

Yes! We do offer families the option to create and link their INvaryants for each individual family member (including minors, grandparents, nieces/nephews, etc.). The benefit of linking your accounts gives you the ability to share family medical histories in perpetuity. This means, when a child leaves for college, their INvaryant — which includes relevant family medical history — will be part of their ongoing record.

What if my doctor doesn't support INvaryant?

When your doctors and healthcare providers use INyrtia your records can be synchronized automatically. If your healthcare provider isn’t using INyrtia yet, you can:

  • Bring a thumb drive, and ask them to give you a CCD copy of your record. You will then be able to import the CCD record in to your INvaryant.
  • If you are using the INvaryant app, please go to the share function. You can then send a link for INyrtia to your healthcare provider.

You can also ask your provider to look in to getting INyrtia so that you and all of their patients can receive quicker and hassle-free care.

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